Welcome to Strands of Lilac.  Have you ever had that dream as a little girl of what you want to be when you grow up?  I did and mine was to be a professional figure skater!  Well let's be honest, that was not going to happen.  As I became of working age, a dear close friend of the family (the older sister I never had) gave me my first job at her business.  I worked the cash register at a little gift shop next to a gas station and while watching her run her business, I was hooked!  Ever since then, I knew I wanted to own my own business.  I wanted that corner office in a high rise building.  Then came marriage, three boys and all things blue and that high rise was not my dream anymore.  This is my dream, being a wife and watching my boys grow into men.  Did I ever think I would own an online boutique?  No, but I am so excited to start this new venture in my life.  My name is Alyssa and I hope you enjoy shopping at Strands of Lilac!

The logo is hand painted by my son Payton.